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Dental bonding is another great option for improving your smile quickly in a minimally invasive way. In just a single visit, you could have teeth restored and a cosmetically improved smile with dental bonding by Dr. James McLane and Dr. Deidra McLane at their southwest Austin dental office. We work with patients to make their smiles beautiful and we look forward to helping you as well. Find out if dental bonding is right for you with an exam and consultation – contact us today to schedule an appointment!

How Does Dental Bonding in Austin Texas Work?

Dental bonding uses a composite resin that corrects cosmetic and functional issues with your teeth. Some of the most common situations where dental bonding can be used to help you include:

  • Dental bonding can be used to close minor gaps in your teeth.

  • This treatment option can be used to correct issues with the size or shape of your teeth.

  • Bonding can protect roots that might otherwise be exposed.

Prior to the application of this resin material, the surface of the tooth has to be cleaned and prepared properly. That way, the composite will properly bond to the teeth. After the resin has been applied to the teeth, it is cured using a special light to harden it and keep it in place. The bonding resin is selected to match the color of your teeth, so it will not stand out awkwardly from the rest of your smile.

Finally, the dentist will shape the resin to match the shape of your teeth to complete the process. Once this is done, the resin should not be noticeable against the rest of your teeth!

If you would like to learn more about dental bonding from McLane Family Dental in Austin Texas, contact us today to make an appointment!

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Why Should You Trust the McLane Family Dental Team?

If you are looking for dental bonding that can help you repair your smile in the southwest area of Austin, there are several reasons why you should choose McLane Family Dental to help you. They include:

  • Quality Care: We provide high quality, modern dental care every time you come to us for an appointment.

  • Conservative Care: We know that you are looking for dental care that preserves natural teeth as much as possible and can fit your budget. We have a variety of dental treatment options that can make this easier for you.

  • Trustworthiness: You trust us to provide you with the dental care you deserve, and we are dedicated to openness, honesty, and transparency in everything that we do.

For all of these reasons, rely on the compassionate team from McLane Family Dental to give you the dental care you deserve.

Call McLane Family Dental for Dental Bonding in Austin Texas!

At McLane Family Dental in Austin, dental bonding is one of the most common services we offer. We can use this to enhance your smile as well. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you take care of all of your dental needs, contact us today to make an appointment!