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General Dentistry

Our general dentistry services are the backbone of what we do at McLane Family Dental. We always customize our treatment plans to meet the needs of our patients in order to help them maintain optimal dental health and function. Some of the most important general dentistry services that we offer include:

Teeth Cleaning, exam & X-ray

At McLane Family Dental, we believe that it is better to prevent problems from developing than to fix them after they have already developed. That is why we encourage our patients to come to our office regularly for a thorough dental examination, in most cases once every six months. We treat patients of all ages, and focus on early identification to treat dental disease early in its progression or ideally prevent it from developing in the first place.  Following their initial visits, most patients will combine future examinations with a professional dental cleaning, where a trained dental hygienist from our team will remove plaque,  tartar, and stain from your teeth. Additionally, a dentist from our office will do a thorough inspection, looking for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, tooth decay and other dental issues. We may recommend x-rays as well, which are important for looking for cavities between the teeth and problems inside the teeth or in the bone beneath the gums.  We utilize digital x-ray sensors to minimize the amount of x-rays necessary to obtain a diagnostic image.

Periodontal Therapy

Studies show that approximately 40 percent of adults exhibit some degree of periodontal disease, and that is why we offer periodontal therapy as well. Periodontal therapy refers to therapy involving gums and tissues that support the roots of the teeth. If we detect evidence of gum disease, we will review your treatment options with you. If we believe that there is a problem with one of the roots of your teeth, we will talk about this with you as well. We have multiple treatment options available to help you address possible periodontal disease, and we will also review ways you can prevent periodontal disease from developing.


At McLane Family Dental, our primary objective is to help you protect and preserve your teeth, but there are situations where this might not be possible. In that case, we might recommend a tooth extraction. Some of the reasons why a tooth extraction might be recommended include the presence of severe tooth decay, the removal of baby teeth that might already be loose, the extraction of teeth that are overlapping or crowded, teeth whose bone support has been severely compromised by periodontal disease, and removing teeth that have been severely damaged in a traumatic accident. We will do everything we can to ensure your comfort during the process.  In most cases, we will discuss a plan for replacement of the tooth when the need for extraction is identified, to minimize the amount of time you will need to go without.


Chronic clenching or grinding (also known as “bruxism”) can result in progressive tooth wear, cracking or breaking of teeth, headaches, and joint pain.  Custom fabricated occlusal guards are specifically designed to minimize the damage to teeth and joints resulting from clenching or grinding. They are adjusted to fit comfortably over your teeth and specially calibrated to protect your teeth and joints while you sleep at night. Talk to us about how our nightguards can help you improve your overall health! 

Digtial IMpressions

Digital impressions are one of the advanced dental technologies we employ at our office. Using our digital intraoral scanning device, we can scan the inside of your mouth to build a complete 3D model of teeth and gums. Unlike traditional impressions using dental putty, digital impressions provide a more comfortable, more accurate, and less time consuming process so we can create better restorations and reduce your appointment times.