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Restorative Dentistry

Are you concerned because you have one or more teeth that might be damaged? If so, then our restorative dentistry treatment options could be what you need. At McLane Family Dental, we have a handful of restorative dentistry options that we can customize to meet your needs. No matter how concerned you might be regarding your smile, we have treatment options that can help. Some of the treatment options that we offer include:

Implant Restorations

Dental implants have become the most common option for replacing missing teeth.  They are fixed in place unlike removable appliances, and do not depend upon the support nor require modification of adjacent teeth like bridges.  A dental implant can be thought of as a titanium root that is placed into the bone of the jaw by a dentist or oral surgeon.  Once the implant has fused to the bone, the dentists at McLane Family Dental can work to fabricate of a tooth-colored ceramic crown that will attach to the implant, providing a replacement tooth that looks and feels as much like a natural tooth as possible.

Crowns and Bridges

There is a reason why dental crowns have been used by dentists all over the world for so many years. They are a great way to help you cover teeth that have been severely damaged. If we believe that traditional dental fillings might not be enough to protect your teeth from further damage, we can use dental crowns to help you. We can put a cap on your teeth that will preserve the tooth’s underlying structures.
We can also combine dental crowns with bridges, which are sometimes used to replace missing teeth. While dental implants have become the standard for replacing natural teeth, in some cases bridges are the best treatment option available. We can use dental bridges to prevent your teeth from shifting in place. We can also use dental bridges to help you fix a bite that might otherwise be misaligned. We are happy to talk to you about your treatment options.

Dentures and Partials

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to replace multiple missing teeth, dentures might be the way to go. We offer both full and partial dentures, which can replace some or all of your missing teeth. We will customize your dentures to meet your needs, ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible. We will also make sure that you know how to take care of them properly. If you want to learn more about how dentures can help you improve your overall quality of life, work with the team from McLane Family Dental!